Technology for reduced energy consumption.

UPCAST® technology in itself has always been an environmentally friendly process.

Just electricity, compressed air and cooling water are needed to keep the process running. No harmful emissions are released to the surroundings. The fact that UPCAST® technology is based on fundamentally green principles doesn’t however mean that it couldn’t be made any greener.

As the direct environmental effects of UPCAST® technology are practically nil we have been concentrating on the indirect ones, especially energy consumption. But as energy consumption is also very much an economic issue we are in fact ‘killing two flies with one blow’.

New developments with such twin acting characteristics have been labeled as GREENerCAST technology which include e.g.:

  • Introduction of double loop inductors
    • with special channel design the specific energy consumption in furnaces is reduced by improved convection within the channel
    • inductor cooling needs are reduced by smooth temperature gradients within the channel
    • inductor life-time is increased by favourable mass fl ows within the channel.
  • Redesigned furnace linings
    • heat losses are reduced by improved furnace insulation
  • Introduction of stepless power control with fast switching transistors
    • specific energy consumption in furnaces is reduced by smooth adjustment of inductor power

Technical development is a never ending road. You can never reach the finishing line just keep on moving towards it.

We at UPCAST OY are committed to maintaining the momentum by further development of our GREENerCAST technology.

Among the latest GREENerCAST developments:

  1. Improved furnace insulation reducing heat losses.
  2. Use of fast switching power transistors lowering energy consumption.
  3. Use of double loop inductors with special channel design improving efficiency of heating and reducing cooling needs for the inductor.