UPCAST® casting machines are multi-strand systems having individual coolers for each strand. The higher the output of the casting line the more strands is used. The coolers are fixed to the casting machine frame located above either a combined furnace (single-furnace lines) or a holding furnace (double-furnace lines). The servomotor driven withdrawal system pulls the cast products upwards through coolers.

Cast different rod/tube sizes even simultaneously

It is possible to cast different rod/tube sizes simultaneously. Changing from one cast product to another requires just the change of die-equipped coolers and running a different casting program in the computer controlling the servomotor drive system. Naturally there can be more than one drive system in the same frame, enabling simultaneous casting of different rod/tube sizes.

Adjust production output easily

Although each drive system runs several strands these are still independent from each others. Removing or adding coolers will not disturb ongoing casting of other strands thus providing high availability for the process. Daily adjustment of production output is easy by simply varying the number of operative strands.