Upgrades & Modernisation

UPCAST® hardware – easy to modify and modernize.


UPCAST® lines can be expanded and updated thanks to their modular construction.

Single-furnace lines can be expanded either by retaining the single-furnace configuration or by changing it to a double-furnace set-up. Depending on the type of expansion it requires either just a simple upgrade to the casting machine plus additional coilers or also the addition of a separate melting furnace. In the latter case the original combined furnace is modified into a holding furnace by making a small change to its brick-lining.

Expansion of a double-furnace line normally consists of upgrading the casting machine plus the addition of coilers. New developments can easily be incorporated into existing UPCAST® lines.

As UPCAST® hardware is based on modular design it is easy to modify and modernize. This means that your existing UPCAST® line can be upgraded to changing market demands whether it is a question of new cast products, more production capacity or improved overall performance.

After a total of over 20 years in the UPCAST® business, nearly all of it within spare parts customer service, Kari Harju knows well the equipment and how it functions. This is a great advantage in deciding which changes should be recommended to each customer and how they are implemented.