After the advent of UPCAST®-SGTube it was only a question of time before a hybrid UPCAST® system capable of casting both rod and tube would emerge. UPCAST®-Hybrid technology is based on using the same equipment for casting both products. This has been achieved by modifying certain product specific parts of the UPCAST®-SGTube casting machine and coilers to facilitate easy changeover. The flexibility of the product mix makes the hybrid system a truly cost-effective solution for companies with a diverse product portfolio.

True flexibility in production

A hybrid configuration may have two separate furnaces from which the casting takes place. However at any given time just one will be used for casting purposes while the other would be in a standby position. Such an arrangement allows two different types of melt to be continuously available – e.g. oxygen free copper for rod and phosphor deoxidized (DHP) copper for tube. Typically just one product type is cast at a time but the hybrid casting machine does allow also rod and tube to be cast simultaneously when produced from the same type of melt.