Small grains, big gains. Revolutionary technology.

SGTube – On top of development

Casting of copper tubes has been possible with the UPCAST® technology already since late 70’s. However, only through innovation and consistent research and development work UPCAST was able to reduce the size of the cast grain to achieve this ideal and small enough grain structure required for optimal drawing process and as the result, for the quality of art end products.

UPCAST® R&D work is carried out by UPCAST® experts at the company´s own Pilot Plant.  UPCAST®  is determined  to stay on top of the development in its field and is continuously looking for new products and applications to meet the changing requirements of the customers and markets.

The focus is both with the existing customers searching for continuous improvements and with the future looking for the new.

The leading upward continuous casting technology

The leading upward continuous casting technology is best known for Cu-OF rod production within the cable & wire industry. Now with the introduction of UPCAST®-SGTube this proven technology is ready to benet the copper tube industry. Thin-walled Cu-DHP tubes with a fine grain structure come in heavy coils ready for direct drawing to sanitary and ACR tube products.

Leading edge technology combined with strong commitment to customer support provides all “UPCAST®-family” members, old and new, with unique performance.

Reliable operation built on 40 years of development and operational experience.

Simple variation of production output and product mix. Modular construction enabling tailor-made solutions and facilitating modernizations and upgrades.

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