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UPCAST company publications with topics ranging from technology to staff, from customers to partners. The original Newsletter has evolved into a Magazine reflecting the broadening of our business environment.

UPCAST® Magazine 2019

UPCAST® Magazine 2018

UPCAST® Magazine 2018 [PDF]

UPCAST® Magazine 2017

How can data collected from production, the products and their use help to innovate new products and services? The 2017 issue of the UPCAST Review dives into the imminent future of product development through industrial internet and IoT. We also visit MKM – the leading European manufacturer of primary and semi-finished copper products – and take a look at their vision for the future. In addition, you can get a glimpse of our commissioning engineers’ work days in Japan, our new PILOT test facility and many more. Enjoy!

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UPCAST® Magazine 2017 [PDF]

UPCAST® Magazine 2016

In the 2016 issue of the UPCAST Review you can read how copper is holding onto its leading position in the power transmission market. You can also take a moment and learn how the commissioning engineers feel about their work travelling all over the world and spending months in different cultures. The magazine has also interesting facts about Colada Continua Chilena S.A. – the major supplier of copper rod in the Latin American market. And you will find out how UPCAST® R&D is strongly investing in the upward casting technology for various alloys.

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UPCAST® Magazine 2016 [PDF]

UPCAST® Magazine 2015

In this issue of the UPCAST Review we take a look at the interesting times in the global economy and the need of solutions to bring it back on track again. We tell about our R&D and Customer Support Service, on which we have for years already based our strategy with good results – something to be proud of. In this magazine you may also read about our latest developments for our customers´ benefit in their production processes.

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UPCAST® Magazine 2015 [PDF]

UPCAST® Magazine 01/2013

The overarching theme in this first issue of the Magazine is UPCAST®-SGTube technology. We take a look at how it all started, where we are now and what is the outlook for the future. We also introduce two companies – Asmag GmbH and Buntmetall Amstetten GmbH – that have contributed to the development of SGTube and to the formulation of “Cast&Draw”.

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UPCAST® Magazine 01/2013 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 02/2009

The latest newsletter introduces the new era of the innovative UPCAST®-SGTube technology that has deep impact on copper tube production costs and the environmental footprint. The centerfold acquaintances you to the case of São Marco, an environmentally conscious Brazilian company manufacturing enameled copper wires with a remarkable lifetime record in the UPCAST® casting line indicators. The back cover presents the operant list of latest commissionings and UPCAST OY´s long-term personnel.

UPCAST® News 02/2009 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 01/2009

The first issue of 2009 contains the presentation of UPCAST´s new environmentally friendly technology GREENerCAST. In addition, two customers from Eastern Europe are presented as well as UPCAST OY personnel.

UPCAST® News 01/2009 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 02/2008

The latest newsletter has a frontpage story on the 40 year journey UPCAST® technology has lived through to become the market leader in upward continuous casting. Centerspread introduces readers to two case stories on satisfied customers as well as an article on the 5th User Meeting held in September in Helsinki, Finland. There is also an impressive list of latest commissionings and the project management team is featured in the Introducing UPCAST OY personnel -section of the newsletter.

UPCAST® News 02/2008 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 01/2008

The first newsletter of 2008 presents UPCAST OY’s innovative visions of the future with a stunning new UPCAST® line concept design. Also two customers who rely on UPCAST® technoogy are presented in this issue as well as UPCAST OY personnel and recent customer satisfaction survey results.

UPCAST® News 01/2008 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 02/2007

Newsletter introduced UPCAST OY’s brand new Director Mr. Jukka Lähteenmäki to the wider audience. In the article Mr. Lähteenmäki gives his views on his experiences at the company so far as well as how new technologies that are being developed at UPCAST OY. From this follows introduction to the latest news from the UPCAST OY upgrade and modification department. Also included are two customer cases as well as UPCAST OY personnel introductions and information about the latest commisionings.

UPCAST® News 02/2007 [PDF]

UPCAST® News 01/2007

The first ever UPCAST® News has a front page story on the 4th UPCAST® family meeting – UPCAST® User Meeting in Gardone, Italy. Good time was had by all at the beautiful Garda lake with interesting lectures and discussions providing the informative part of the weekend . Readers are familiarised with UPCAST OY personnel and clients through case studies. Not forgetting news on the latest developments and a long list of recent commissionings.

UPCAST® News 01/2007 [PDF]