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Functional UPCAST® System.


Output range extends from 2,000 to 40,000 TPA for rod and to 20,000 TPA for tube. Thanks to the high level of automation even the biggest UPCAST® lines can be run with a single operator per shift.

The UPCAST® system builds on the following technologies:

“They have exceeded all our expectations on matters involving service and support. Production, rod quality and the overall performance of our UPCAST®-line are all good." 

Mr. Marcus Vinicius Nascimento, Plant Manager, São Marco

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For additional information about our products please contact us by e-mail sales@upcast.com. If you need immediate information, you can contact us via phone.
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We have implemented several casting lines with various features. Please find more information in our referencelist.

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Customer support

Our business philosophy at UPCAST OY is not to be a mere equipment supplier but also to offer support and expertise needed to make the UPCAST® line a reliable link in your production chain.