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Melt transfer

Lowered production costs and improved cast product quality.

Benefits of the automatic melt transfer

In double-furnace UPCAST® lines the separate melting and holding furnaces are connected with a short airtight launder for the transfer of melt which takes place in batches by tilting the melting furnace with hydraulic cylinders. This operation is performed automatically by the process control system.

By linking automatic cathode charging and melt transfer operations the mass flow in and out of the melting furnace can be optimized and paced in a regular manner saving production costs and improving cast product quality. To prevent the flowing melt from being exposed to the ambient air there is a continuous flow of nitrogen in the launder.

"More than 13 years running, without a single accident or major break in production, are proof of reliability of the UPCAST ® line itself and food support from UPCAST OY."

Mr. Lie Thwan Hian, COO, PT GT Kabel Indonesia Tbk.

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