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Customer Support

Exclusive sorts of original UPCAST® spare parts and consumables.


Customer service by heart

UPCAST® lines are never a short term investment, but the customers are carefully planning their capital expenditures for years ahead. UPCAST® continuous castings lines are reliably and fully operating every day of the week. This would not be possible without a fast, reliable and continuous UPCAST® Customer Service for consumables and spare parts. The opposite could mean major losses through the lost production time for customers. We remain at your service – continuously! UPCAST® Quality will continue to be the best in the market.

UPCAST OY is the exclusive source of original UPCAST® spare parts and consumables ensuring reliable and cost-efficient operation of your casting line. We keep a good stock of spare parts and consumables available for dispatch within 24 hours and in urgent cases even within the same working day.


Satu Huhtala

Sales Executive, Spare parts
Tel. +358 (0)207 577 417
Mob. +358 (0)40 842 2796


Juho Hanka

Sales Administrator, Spare parts
Tel. +358 (0)207 577 419
Mob. +358 (0)44 310 1190

Contact Customer Support customersupport@upcast.com