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The “universal-type” coiler handles a wide range of cast rod diameters.


For each strand there is an individual coiler. In the case of cast rod these are double-coiler type in which two individual coilers are built into one compact frame. In the case of cast tube each coiler is built into its own separate frame. This is due to the requirement to produce only anti-clockwise wound tube coils. Before entering its coiler each rod/tube goes through a speed control device synchronizing coiling speed with the casting speed.

It has become increasingly common among our customers to utilize in full the flexibility of UPCAST® technology by casting many different rod sizes. To cover a wide rod size range a "universal-type” coiler has been designed. Cast rods ranging from 8 mm up to 25 mm in diameter can be handled with this flexible coiler type. It is very seldom that rod bigger than 25 mm is needed. This means that in most cases the complete rod mix can be handled with this one coiler type making it easy to adjust production to changes in market demand.

"With UPCAST® system our life is easier letting us concentrate on our core business."

Mr. Prasit Tanganurakpongsa, Vice President, Phelps Dodge Thailand Ltd.

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